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Tasheya "Sheya" Campbell was born in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn. She was raised in a family where her mother was a professional Ballet dancer and her father was a musician and a known producerduring the "krush groove" era. Sheya started dancing as one of her mother’s students at the age of 2 and began singing at 6 years old in her church.

Times were hard growing up in her household but there
wasn’t a day that went by where she didn’t use her talents as an outlet. Her mother always said she was a "special kind of child" signing her up for different auditions such as "Aunt Jemima syrup" and Toys r Us commercials. Sheya’s mother watched her grow and when she decided to take the destiny of her talents into her own hands, her mother wasn’t the least bit surprised.

Sheya’s dream is to become a successful singer and actress. She has had the privilege to participate in the Fox5′s "So You Think You Can Dance?" auditions, fashion shows with designers Ecko Red and Azzure Denim ,f.e.d.s magazine, a variety of music videos, an extra in the movie "Bad Company", as well as choreography for shows and events.

Sheya is a very ambitious and goal driven young woman who is so full of life that even on the longest day she is still smiling. Her biggest moment would have to be when she auditioned for "American Idol" (Season 5). She could not afford the cost to go to the audition that was being held in Charleston, SC. It was only two weeks away so she came up with an idea to raise the money. She was overwelmed by the outpouring of support and donations from people all over. She couldnt’t believe that so many people believed in her dreams just as much as she did. Between the efforts of friends and family, the American Idol experience, and all the great friends she made along the way it was a moment in life she would never forget.

Sheya is looking to burst into the entertainment world, ready, willing, and fearless to what success her talents will

Backup Vocals

Shea was born and raised in Long Island, NY and began singing and dancing at a very young for the legendary “Miss Bunny” at the “Ace Center” in Amityville, New York. In addition to becoming a lead vocalist in her church choir, Shea also played the drums for the choir and Sunday services. Upon reaching the age of 14 she was not only a drummer but a member of the elite jazz band as a trumpet player. Shea’ was also athletic, participating in basketball and gymnastics, Shea’ was also captain of her cheer leading team.

While attending high school Shea’ was introduced to Andrew Spencer (Producer’s Edge Magazine) at the age of 17. Andrew would be the first person to record Shea’ and teach her the technical and business side of the music industry. Andrew constantly encouraged writing and recording, even teaching Shea’ how to record her own sessions.

The devastation of Shea’ loosing her aunt to cancer brought out even more emotion and determination. The name “Doll” was given to Shea’ by her aunt and incorporated in remembrance of her spirit. Eventually Shea’ would begin to collaborate with artists from all over the United States and even overseas. She has released mixtapes and singles that can be found on Itunes and datpiff.com. Shea is currently finishing her anticipated debut album.

Backup Vocals

Shakeyda Supreme Gilliard aka "Key Supreme" was born and raised in the town of Harlem in New York City. At a very young age she began to show passion for music and performing arts as a very talented, outgoing and entertaining child. Her mother signed her up for the youth choir at church at age seven! Shakeyda went on to attend a Performing arts junior high school where she was trained in theater.

Having grown up in a household surrounded by music – her father being a professional hip hop and r&b DJ and a grandfather who was a jazz music connoisseur and collector of great jazz albums, Shakeyda has a passion for all music and has recorded her own original music as well as collaborated with numerous up and coming talent and established artists and producers, performing in showcases and featuring in talent shows throughout NYC .

Shakeyda’s goal is to be a well respected singer,songwriter, and recording artist and with the beautiful gift of song she has been blessed with she is well on her way!