Brendan Scharen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. Music was inescapable for him growing up; whether it was his mother or sisters singing, or his brother playing guitar, Brendan was utterly surrounded by it.

At the age of 13, he got his very first drum set. He played drums for a few years in local bands, until the age of 19 when Brendan got his first guitar. It was old, cracked, cheap, and the most beautiful thing he ever owned. After hearing and feeling its beauty, there were no qualms about his decision to pursue guitar.

Drums will always be his first love, but guitar will always be his passion.

With only his guitar and his drive, Brendan has performed in countless venues all over the Tri-State area and The U.K. Since merging with ZEISS, Brendan is very confident his touring days are just starting..


Born and raised in Coram, Long Island, Paul started playing guitar at just 9 years old and before that, mastered the piano, both instruments being self taught.

Paul learned how to play blues by the book, but gained his real “chops” from studying and getting to play along with the Long Island legend, Sam “The Bluzman” Taylor.

Early influences for Paul include The Beatles and 90′s alternative, but the most influential musical style for Paul’s current work is 1970′s jazz and funk.


Chris Carlucci is an inspired musician that has been playing piano for eighteen years. His love for the instrument developed through the influences of popular piano artists such as Billy Joel, Elton John, Ray Charles, Ben Folds, and Vince Gurauldi of the Vince Gurauldi Trio.

In his spare time Chris enjoys playing the guitar and writing music. His major dream in life is to be able to bring joy to everyone he encounters and to show everyone how to have a fun time through his love of music.

Trombone (Tenor)

Swiss trombonist Amadis Nicolas Dunkel was born in Cadiz, Spain, but grew up in Switzerland and Italy. Undergraduate studies in Washington, DC, with Calvin Jones. Moved to New York City in 2011 and is currently finishing his Masters Degree at Queens College, with Luis Bonilla, David Berkman, Antonio Hart, and Michael Mossman.

Performances in the US, Europe, and Middle East; among others with Charles Davis, Calvin Jones, Ziad Rahbane, Vahagn Hayrapetyan, Rashan Carter, Kathryn Farmer, Lena Chamamyan, Allyn Johnson, Kris Funn, Corcoran Holt, Luis Bonilla, Yulix, EST, Strange Family, and as a leader.

Festival appearances include: “Em Bebbi Si Jazz” (Switzerland); Jazz Lives in Syria, Music On The Road Festival, Eid Festival (Syria); Hamra Festival, Beirut Jazz Festival (Lebanon); Cairo Jazz Festival (Egypt). In 2003 Dunkel records his first album as a leader, “Amadis Dunkel Octet/Sextet.” As composer/arranger for film and TV Dunkel’s work includes, among others, the 2009 animation feature “The Jasmine Birds” (Golden Prize, Cairo, 2010, Silver Prize in Rotterdam, Holland), the feature film “Jameela,” and numerous TV productions such as the 2011 production “Malsoun.” In 2012 Dunkel has worked as a producer/engineer, with Michael Mossman, Sungjo Jung, Hyuna Park, and Wael AlKak (with whom he collaborates on the just released album “Neshama”).


Vinny was origonaly born in Norwich, Connecticut but moved to Long Island at just a year old where he was raised in Coram, NY. Vigorito grew up listening to different genresand generations of music such as: Classic Rock, Rythm & Blues, 80′s Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, 90′s Alternative, Grunge Rock and more. He was interested in the sound of the guitar but didn’t purchase his first until he was 14. Vinny learned the basic chords, power chords and tabulates with the help of a friend.

After a year, he gave up guitar and took a break from music for several years until he decided to purchase his second guitar and got back into the practicing stage and from Scratch & Self Taught, he started to improve as a rythm guitarist but didn’t really feel it as a primary instrument. In December of 2009, he purchased a bass guitar and was infatuated within the month. As a second intrusment being Self Taught, Vinny started getting into the old style of Funky Slap Bass, starting to create his own style of jamming with his good friend and lead guitarist for The Boys, Paul Ryan, as they formed their group “Save the Clock Tower”. The band plays weekly at a cool little spot called The Velvet Lounge. After just two years, Vigorito has developed a sound on the bass that is a combination of stone cold Rock & Roll and Funk. Vinny is really looking forward to being on The Boys and playing with great fellow musicians and artists such as Matthew Zeiss.


William Knipper, originally from Lindenhurst, New York, first began his musical career playing drums in school bands – it started when his class was told to choose a percussion instrument, and William selected drums.

Inspired to continue playing after discovering that he had a talent for it, William went on to join the marching band, drumline, symphonic band and a pit orchestra. As of late, William has played locally – Village Pub, Ollies point (formerly Molly Blooms II), MCcoys, the Knitting Factory, and Zebra Club, among others.

“I’ve played on stage enough that it doesn’t make me nervous at all, I love playing music to others,” Knipper says. His musical inspirations include Danney Carey, the drummer of Tool, and the drummer of Dream Theater. In his own way, Knipper hopes to become a drummer who will inspire other musicians.

Trombone (Bass)

Since Daniel Jordan started playing trombone six years ago, he has received an AS in Music Performance, a BM in Music Education from the Crane School of Music, and has been accepted to CUNY Queens for a Masters in Bass Trombone Performance. Recently during his short time in New York City, Daniel has been asked to be a part of the New York Chamber Players Orchestra, Brooklyn Wind Symphony, Brooklyn College Wind Ensemble, the Erica Sequine/Shannon Baker Jazz Orchestra, and the Jericho Jazz Ensemble. Some of Daniel’s teachers include Michael Meidenbauer, Mark Hartman, and Haim Avitsur.


Ben Dobay started playing clarinet at the age of 10 in his home town of Salem, Oregon. After switching to saxophone he moved to Portland where he played locally and attended college studying under local musicians. He finished his BA degree in Wisconsin at UW-Eau Claire. He moved to New York City in 2007 out of a love for the city and its vibrant music scene. Ben has played all across the country and in Europe and Asia.


He’s worked with Billy Joel, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, the Beach Boys, Bernie Williams and the list goes on. This New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn then Long Island has music in his blood. Richie Cannata studied classical piano growing up, but it doesn’t stop there. He also studied the clarinet, flute, keyboards, and saxophone with the tenor saxophone being his forte.

In his 20′s Richie performed and toured with Billy Joel. Richie often returns to perform on stage with Billy Joel, most recently on the New Years Eve 2000 Millennium Show at Madison Square Garden along with a 12 show run in 2006. “All the shows at Madison Square Garden were great, especially the one my mom was at for her 80th birthday. I came center stage and played New York State of Mind to her. It was a great moment for both my mom and I.”

During the mid 1990′s Richie toured with the Beach Boys. In his experience with them he also worked with John Stamos as he and the Beach Boys would appear on the hit sitcom, “Full House” together. “John Stamos was always fun and made my performances memorable. The best episode for me was with Little Richard and then again all the episodes were fantastic.” He recently also contributed to Brian Wilson’s new CD.

Richie is not only a professional musician but also a music producer. He has produced albums for Phoebe Snow, Rita Coolidge, Corey Hart, and Tommy Shaw. Cove City Sound Studios is also a favorite for major headliner names to record their upcoming music. One of the most recent was Jennifer Lopez for her hit song, “On the Floor.” Richie’s musical work can also be heard in the motion pictures “Remo Williams – The Adventure Begins” and “Slaves of New York.”

All of Richie’s extensive work behind the scenes in music lead him to open “Cove City Sound Studios.” This is a state of the art recording studio in Glen Cove, New York Richie co-owns with his son Eren Cannata.

Richie currently is working on many production projects at Cove City Sound Studios in addition to hosting Monday Night Jams at the Bitter End. He also is the musical director of former New York Yankee and Latin Grammy nominated jazz artist, Bernie Williams and his band. In 2011 Richie released his debut solo album titled, “Richie Cannata” sold online now.