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Indecisive Station – New Album | 2014 | Zeiss Official

Indecisive-Station-300x300After the release of my last single “Danger”, I started compiling songs I had written over the last two years or so. For the next album I wanted it to be about the songs lyrical content. I personally adore songs that tell a story, and paint a vivid picture for the listener.

Over the last few years I have had various encounters with friends and such who have inspired songs completely. To give an idea on my inspiration for one song I wrote for this album. About two years ago, a friend of mine who is a “masseuse” of sorts, had a client fall in love with her. This particular client would pay her to literally sleep in his bed with him, nothing more. So I began to write a song from his perspective. Acknowledging that although he knows what she does for a living, and that she’ll most likely never love him back, he continues to pay her for her company. That then became the first track on the upcoming album, entitled “Come Here Tonight”.

Another was a personal expierience of mine with a girl I was dating. I complained to another friend of mine in regards to this girl disappearing for days on end. My friend then said to me, “She’s M.I.A.”. To which I replied “yea, she’s Miss M.I.A.”. That right there lead to me to write a song out in 15 minutes with that very title. The song is all about my particular insecurities and suspicions in the matter. But this tune truly became a favorite of mine.

The rest of the album includes three songs written by my father in 1985. Songs which I have always been a complete fan of, and I want to share with others ears. The album’s title, “Indecisive Station”, is meant to get a vision across of someone who can’t choose what radio station to listen to. Each song has something different to it, almost a different era and genre to each. I had written a song “New York Tumbleweed” in 2007, and it didn’t fit on the last album release. So I am rearranging the song a bit, and putting on this album. The song tells a sad story of a woman all alone with no where to go.

Aside frm that there is a song by written by my producers titled “Dirty Little Things”, I loved the vibe and the subject matter almost immediately. And one co-write with my producers and I “Burn Down” originally titled “Disaster”.

Since my last album I have become friends with Richie Cannata known best for being part of Billy Joels Band. Richie and I discussed his involvement on this upcoming album, and I will have him on a few tracks, which makes it all the better!

I’ve recorded alot of music, but this particular album has me excited. I genuinely am proud of all the material. And I know everyone else will enjoy it.

Indecisive Station :

  1. Come Here Tonight [Delusion 1 ] (M.Zeiss)
  2. Burn Down  (S.Lester, S.Power, M.Zeiss)
  3. Cry to Me   (M.Zeiss)
  4. Hey, Money Girl  (M.Zeiss)
  5. Miss M.I.A. [Delusion 2 ]  (M.Zeiss)
  6. I’m So Lonely For You  (J.Zeiss)
  7. Dirty Little Things  (S.Lester, S.Power)
  8. Still Ripping Me Apart (J.Zeiss)
  9. March On [ Love Cadence]  (M.Zeiss)
  10. Lady Johanna  (M.Zeiss)
  11. Singing the Blues & Rock N’ Roll (J.Zeiss)
  12. Caricatures (M.Zeiss)
  13. Danger (S.Lester)
  14. Till Then (I Bid Your Adieu) (M.Zeiss)

Bonus Track – Midnite Blues (C.Rich)