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Bella Petite Radio / Magazine | Zeiss Official

My Feature in Bella Petite Magazine


Hello All,

So about a year ago I started speaking with the beautiful/lovely model Jennifer Bollinger, and she simply could not be a nicer person. We began speaking quite often in fact, and following each others endeavors. After months of being friends, Jennifer mentioned to me that she was involved with this fantastic new magazine for petite women, called “Bella Petite Magazine”(www.bellapetite.com). Upon doing minimal research it was clear this magazine was a very high end publication both on the internet and in print. Jennifer told me that Bella Petite also had a radio show, and that I should speak with her friend, Ann Lauren, the owner of Bella Petite, In order to get a radio spot. The radio show was/is primarily talk radio, no music, but it would still be an opportunity to reach more people. A few things interfered with the first time we had scheduled me being on the show, just simple miscommunication. Ann Lauren then sent me an email regarding the next date to be scheduled on the show, and we agreed on a date.

On February 16th at 4pm Eastern time , I received a phone call from Ann Lauren and we spoke for nearly an hour. I would assume the phone call wasn’t intended to last that long, but we simply just kept the conversation rolling. She was basically trying to see if I could sustain an interview, but it became a real conversation. February 22nd at 1:28pm Eastern time , I had my full radio interview, Ann Lauren was nice enough to save the final slot for me, and I am thankful. We got to talk for about 20 minutes I believe, and it flowed easily. Ann Lauren asked me to sing live on the air, which was difficult because I could barely talk from a nasty winter cold, but I chugged on. I chose to sing the opening lines of Frankie Valli’s “My Eyes Adore You” , she seemed smitten, so it’s my hope the rest of the listeners were as well. The conversation hit many topics, all a pleasure to speak about.

In the interview Ann Lauren asked me why I chose “That’s All Right” as the song I would launch myself with. And with all honesty I said it was because I was going to Memphis, why not record at Sun Studio, and why not record the song everyone connects with the beginning of Rock and Roll. Now all this being discussed in regards to the fact that she said I have an “Elvis” way of speaking, which isn’t necessarily untrue, but isn’t entirely true either. The way I speak is just relatively relaxed I assume, and being my voice is deep it may have that vibe. This not to discredit Elvis as a major influence on my life, because he certainly is a large part of it. “That’s All Right” is a rock n roll tune, and I just wanted to celebrate Rock N Roll by redoing what I consider the origin of the style we as Rock N Rollers play today.


– My particular brand of Rock N Roll is “manufactured” with major blues influence in it’s core. The main goal here for me is to recreate what I feel music has lost, and that’s its soul, and belief and its feeling all around. In it’s hay day, the reason Rock N Roll was such a problem is because it was music that you felt, and the way it made you feel was like you had to get up and just move. It was the power of the blues that made you feel that way.

About two days after the radio spot, Ann Lauren wrote a sweet little feature about me in her magazine, a true honor.


In the articles intro she ends it with “…because Zeiss is his own artist, determined to blaze his own musical trail with a powerful voice and a captivating stage presence.” . It’s my hope that people are able to focus on those specific words, opposed to any comparisons that people may gather. I think after an artist redoes another artists song, it’s only natural they be compared in some way, whether good or bad. However “That’s All Right” will actually not be included on my debut album, it is only available to listen to through watching my music video :

(www.youtube.com/watch?v=es65Y4Nms6g&hd=1 )

To this listen to the actual interview, please go to Itunes and search for the Bella Petite Hour from February 22, 2010, in the pod cast category .

Thank you ,