bio-matt-zeissBorn on Long Island, New York in 1987, Matt Zeiss was raised by parents who played a variety of music, Doo-Wop, Rock n’ Roll, R&B, Hard Rock, 80′s Rock, Bubble Gum, and just about everything else. Spending his formative years studying the musical greats, Zeiss dedicated his life to fine-tuning his voice and stylings, all the while continuing to educate himself with a wide variety of music outside of Rock n’ Roll.

In high school, a self described “brutally honest” music instructor attended a single audition in which Matt performed his version of “It’s Over” (Jimmie Rodgers) and immediately insisted the teenager be placed in his class. After spending only a year in chorus and a position in his school‘s most elite musical group, “The Odyssey”, Matt quickly gained confidence and an imposing stage presence. He became increasingly well-received and earned further auditions which led to popular local performances, almost always culminating in standing ovations.

A continual hit with audiences, Matt was invited to appear several times as an opening act at the Broadway Comedy Club in Manhattan.

 In 2005, Matt partnered with Alcazar XXX, a music producer. Zeiss and Alcazar collaborated on a song written by Zeiss’ father entitled “I Am the Boat”. Originally meant to be an homage to his father’s song, “I Am the Boat” evolved into something new entirely and sparked a renewed passion for songwriting. Anxious to begin producing more music, Matt became involved with numerous producers trying to find the right sound.

Over the course of a few years and a lot of effort, Zeiss finally was introduced to producer Sean Power: And on one train ride, and one online video chat, the two had figured out the sound Zeiss had been looking for. A few weeks after the meeting, Zeiss worked his way to recording at the Legendary SUN Studio in Memphis, Tn. This moment would take his desire for musical success higher then it had ever been before.

For now, we wait and see just how high it will go.